Hayward Team February 01, 2024

Did you know there are different ways you can heat, chill, and control your pool and spa water temperature?  Hayward has various solutions to help you achieve the desired water temperature, effectively and efficiently. Let us help guide you through some options so that you can decide what is best for you. 

Gas Heaters

If you are looking for speed to heat, the energy efficient Hayward Universal H and HC Series gas heaters generate heat by using either propane or natural gas and are ideal for heating your pool or spa water quickly with the touch of a button. We know that your time matters, so sit back and relax while we quickly and efficiently meet your needs all year long.

Heat Pumps

If you are looking to maintain your water temperature or extend your swimming season, the Hayward HeatPro Series heat pumps are electric and utilize ambient air to efficiently maintain water temperature. Heat pumps are suitable for both pool or spa applications and can help reduce energy costs by up to 70% with our titanium counter-flow heat exchanger.

Variable-Speed Heat Pumps

Engineered using the same variable-speed technology as our industry-leading pool pump, the Hayward HeatPro VS Heat/Cool units intelligently use ambient air to heat or chill your water with less operational effort to provide additional energy savings, soft starts, and super quiet operation.  


Looking for an added degree of control and more effective ways to control your water temperature?  Hayward Omni automation, when paired with one of our heaters, puts temperature control in your hand. Additionally, the OmniLogic mobile app offers advanced management of temperature, run times, and more from virtually anywhere.

Consider This

For less than 10% of the cost of a new pool, you can have the perfect set-up from Hayward that delivers the ultimate speed to heat and extended swim season experience at your fingertips. You can have it all when you combine a Hayward gas heater with a Hayward HeatPro VS Heat/Cool pump connected to Hayward Omni automation! 

Imagine ultra-quiet, efficient operation that allows you to maintain your pool water temperature to extend your swim season; the ability to rapidly heat your spa; or be able to throw a pool party outside of swim season at any moment’s notice. You can simply set your temperature, sit back, and let our industry-leading heating and automation technology get you there as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Hopefully this helped you on your journey to find the perfect heating solution.  May your waters be warm (or cool), your choices informed, and your swimming adventures truly enjoyable!